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Fatal crane tip in Bahrain

A crane operator died in Bahrain yesterday while trying to escape from his mobile crane as it tipped over. The accident occurred at the APM terminal at the Khalifa bin Salman Port.

The 34 year-old operator was employed by APM Terminals and was loading steel sheets on trucks at the port when the crane tipped over.
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The crane was loading steel sheets

A spokesman for the ministry of Labour which is investigating the accident said: "When he started loading the sheets into the seventh trailer, the arm started to topple, tilting the rest of the crane with it We are still investigating the accident, but the initial reports suggest that the worker panicked and tried to jump out from the cab door as it was collapsing on its side".

"His head somehow got caught into something between the crane and the trailer and was crushed. After completing the probe, we will forward the case to the Public Prosecution,"

APM Terminals chief executive officer Steen Davidsen said: “The operator had three years' experience operating the crane and was a very loyal employee and we feel sorry for a great loss”

The photographs that we have been sent are not clear enough to learn much, although it looks as though this is another outrigger related accident. Either they have not been set properly or they have punched though the road surface?

ONe thnk is almost certain if the operator had stayed in his cab he may well have survived.


Mark Krajci
Looks like he did not have the full load of counterweight on as well.
Remember not all outriggers are pinned or he did not use the pins so if the crane tips the beams push in. It looks like the outriggers where not out but in fact they might have been. Overload!
Remember to always pin the outrigger beams when this is provided for on the crane!

Feb 20, 2010