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New branding for Rami

Finnish based international rental company, Ramirent is unveiling a new brand identity later today, which includes a new Rami man and a new slogan or “brand promise” -“Let's solve it”.

In addition to the new identity the company is taking the opportunity to unify the brand usage across all of its businesses. Some acquired companies have continued to use their earlier identities such as Bautas in Norway. This will now change to Ramirent.
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The new Rami branding - Logo, strap line and rami man

The well known Rami-man symbol has also been updated, after around 10 years in his current format. The new rendition has him leaning forward a little with thumbs up towards the tagline ”Let's solve it”. The company says that “with a smart and friendly face the new Rami-man is a fitting spokesman for Ramirent”.
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The new Rami man

Chief executive Magnus Rosén said: “Ramirent is one of the leading companies in its industry. We believe in a decentralised business model that captures the entrepreneurial spirit in the group. However, there are internal synergies and external business benefits to be gained from working more as one company. With the new identity, we begin a journey towards a stronger and more unified Ramirent as a company and brand. So that all our local business can benefit from the resources and power we have as a group”.

“Group company brands that do not have clear complementary roles will be
integrated with the group and master brand.”

The new identity has been drawn up with the help of Stockholm-based brand development agency Grow.

Vertikal Comment

When a new chief executive arrives at an established business with the aim to make changes, it is not unusual for the brand and logos to become a visible sign for the top man’s determination to change things and stamp his own ideas on the business.

Magnus Rosén also understands the importance of a solid and unified brand, having spent many years with Cramo which has traditionally been far more assertive at imposing its brand on new acquisitions than Ramirent has historically been.

As long as the new brand has not cost a kings ransom to develop (brand consultants often have highly inflated views of what they should charge – often to just tweak a logo) this is a good move at the right time, freshening the brand image and bringing the businesses under a single name. All in preparation for the upward swing to the business cycle which hopefully will begin to kick in later this year.