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Wind turbine accident in Germany

A serious crane accident in Northern Germany involving the dropping of a large turbine rotor has been reported.

The accident involved a 1,200 tonne Liebherr LTM11200-9.1 erecting a large wind turbine in Hennickendorf in Brandenburg at the end of last week.

Reports are sketchy and the photos we have received do not show a great deal of detail. However local news stations say that a violent and unexpected gust of wind caused the rotor to take- off pulling the crane's boom and Jib with it, causing it to collapse. The boom, jib and rotor with its blades came crashing to the ground.
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The crane remained stable

The crane remained stable but the turbine components are totally destroyed along with the crane's boom and jib. The crane is owned by KVN crane rental of Osnabrück.

It was purchased specifically for wind turbine erection and was only delivered towards the end of last year.

The men working on the ground were able to scramble to safety and were unhurt, however there are reports that the crane operator may have been injured while jumping from his cab, and photographs suggest that part of the crane's boom fell onto the cab almost destroying it.
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Part of the crane's boom appears to have struck the cab

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The crane's jib and the turbine's rotor/blades were destroyed

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aidan cadogan
it was only a matter of time that a crane of that capacity would have a mishap especially with a lenght of boom of that lenght which was tested our used before.we can only learn from these mistakes.

Mar 11, 2010