Tim Whiteman leaves IPAF

IPAF chief executive Tim Whiteman has stepped down and left the company the International Powered Access Federation - with immediate effect.

A statement from the association followed an internal letter from president Brad Boehler to staff this morning. Past president Andy Studdert - previously the chief executive of NES Rentals and a Cramo board member - will serve as an interim chief executive while a search for a replacement is carried out.
Tim Whiteman

Whiteman was recruited by IPAF in 2003 to take over from Paul Adorian who had been the managing director since its inception in 1983, and an active participant in its establishment. Today the organisation has 1,372 members in 68 countries and has become a far more international operation since Whiteman took over.

Speaking of his departure he issued the following statement: “It has been a privilege to work with the dedicated IPAF members and team members around the world - the passion to deliver the safe and effective use of powered access motivates so many people and IPAF shares their knowledge and experience to keep people safe. However after 15 years, I am looking forward to a change and thank the board for its support in making this happen.”

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Srini Kadaba
As someone from outside the UK, who has been involved in the aerial access industry for a couple of decades, I feel Tim Whiteman has been the greatest “gamechanger” in promoting safety and what IPAF stands for in new geographies (The Middle East and India, in particular, where I have had the privilege of seeing him in action at close quarters)

His successor will certainly have enormous shoes to fill. Hopefully, the UK membership will continue in its noble gesture of funding the worldwide growth of IPAF till the local associations can stand on their own feet.

So Tim, which of the three C’s (Cranes, Crimes or Cults) are you going to be pursuing?

Jul 22, 2019

Jim Longstaff
It will be interesting to see if there will be a change of focus and direction within IPAF as a result of this move.
There is a significant disconnect with independent members within the UK with a feeling of dissatisfaction with the organisation. Were it not for the ability to earn revenue through training I believe that there would be a sizeable loss of members who would otherwise derive little benefit from IPAF.
IPAF needs to engage. It needs to listen very closely to ALL its members and to work with them to be an invaluable tool to its entire membership.
Whilst a move to widen the appeal of IPAF internationally is a positive, the UK membership has funded such endeavours and the balance must be redressed.

Jul 12, 2019

All good but why with immediate effect? People can be so impatient.

Jul 11, 2019

@Craig, Correction: Sir John Barker was the first serving IPAF President. Paul Adorian and Tim Whiteman were employed MDs, so Sir John does not fit into your listing. Cheers

Jul 10, 2019

Craig Ihde

Sir John Barker - 80's
Paul Adorian - 90's
Tim Whiteman - Early 2000

Up Next? - Batter up

Jul 10, 2019

vertikal editor
Not at all Paul,
If it had been posted with the same message but without unsubstantiated specific claims against an individual - and it did not break any of the rules on racism and sexism of course - it would have been fine. A little unpleasant perhaps but we would certainly not have taken it down.

Jul 10, 2019

Paul Wright
censorship for sponsorship -

Jul 10, 2019

Tim Whiteman, IPAF
A momentous day for me today.Thank-you so much to the many personal messages I've received. To answer some of the questions, I'm fine, I'm very proud of what the IPAF Team is achieving and I will always do everything I can to support IPAF in it's goal of sharing best practice to make sure everyone goes home safe. Temporary work at height does not have to be dangerous! Many thanks.

Jul 8, 2019

Steve Barnett
I’ve known a Tim many years, I wish him the very best in whatever venture he chooses next.

Jul 8, 2019
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