The Essex way

UK aerial lift rental company Upward Powered Access is opening a fourth location, in Billericay, Essex, this week to cover the region on the east of London and beyond.

Upward was set up in 2008 by Paul Johnson in the Oxford area. It added a Slough, west London depot in 2014 and one in Nottingham in 2019, with Tim Ward, previously of Niftylift, joining the business along the way. The new location will start as a satellite operation with machine storage and service ready for faster local deliveries.

In the words of Tim Ward of Upward: “Upwards goes ‘Towie’ (The Only Way is Essex), with our latest ‘peng’ depot in Billericay opening its doors this week to offer our range of powered access platforms to east London and beyond. Truly ‘ream’.”

Don’t ask us for a translation!

He also added a caption to the photo of him and Paul Johnson below:
“Paul Johnson may look exasperated in this picture as it looks like Upward have their very own Joey Essex...”


As a person with business interests in the east of London, I like to fact check the media and news articles that relate to it. A quick check on companies house records shows that Upward was set up by Tim and Claire Ward in 2003, long before they appointed anyone and when they did they used a Niftylift colleague in Australia to hold the shares! Hardly joining along the way!

They’re not as Joey Essex as they would like you to think, at least Tim aint, perhaps the other one is? Whilst sitting in your office selling you a Nifty, perhaps he was writing down far more than you thought? And I wonder how much discount Upward got?

This is in no way a dig at Niftylift, they were just like everyone else.

Mar 7, 2021
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