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4,500t crawler from Sany

Chinese crane manufacturer Sany claims to have unveiled the largest crawler crane in the world with its 4,500 tonne SCC45000A.

We have not received the full specification yet, but in its twin boom configuration the crane has a maximum load moment of 98,000 tonne/metres. It features a 126.5 metre main boom plus a 15.5 to 48.5 metre fixed jib, while a 30.5 to 108.5 luffing jib can be added for a maximum system length of 216.5 metres. It has a 62 metre twin Superlift back mast/derrick boom which provides a ballast radius of 28 to 37 metres for its tracked counterweight system.
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The 4,500 tonne capacity Sany SCC45000A

The crane can also be set up with a single boom with a maximum capacity of 2,000 tonnes. In this configuration it offers a main boom length of 108.5 metres, or 102 metres with an 18.5 fixed jib. A 108.5 metre luffing jib can also be installed on a 96 metre main boom, with a 53 metre derrick boom and suspended counterweight radius of 27.5 to 33.5 metres.
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It can be configured with a single or twin boom system

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The crane's twin back mast and tracked counterweight system

The SCC45000A follows on from the record breaking 3,600 tonne SCC86000TM introduced in 2011 and the 4,000 tonne SCC40000A introduced last year – see: Sany ships 4,000t crawler.
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The first unit has been taken by Chinese crane company WH Lifting

The first unit has been taken by Shandong based heavy lifting and haulage specialist WH Lifting. The video below is drone footage of the new crane:


Ken-SANY crane
This is Ken Yang, country manager(UK&Ireland) from SANY crane; if anyone is interested in this 4500t monster or any other European models, welcome to talk!(mail to :[email protected])

Nov 10, 2021
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