Collett acquires Plant Speed

UK heavy haulage company Collett & Sons has acquired the wind energy division of Bristol, UK-based Plant Speed.

The deal includes all of Plant Speed’s specialist wind turbine equipment, including a fleet of super wing carriers, extendable trailers, quadruple extendable blade trailers and lift adapters, alongside several specialist adapters including gyrostat tables, loading beds and tower hooks along with other associated assets, all of which will join the Collet fleet. The deal will also see Plant Speed remove itself from the wind energy market in order to focus more on its haulage operations.

Plant Speed was established in 2003 and had total assets of £4.4 million as of March 2021. No details of the deal have been released.
A Plant Speed blade delivery

Plant Speed, managing director Paul Lomas said: “This strategic decision for Plant Speed is one which sees our company focus shift from wind turbine delivery projects. Having worked closely with Collett in the past, the decision to amalgamate our fleet into theirs was an easy one to make, and whilst we may not be operating in the wind turbine industry going forwards, this is a move which will allow Plant Speed to focus on other specialist haulage operations.”

Collett’s managing director David Collett added: “With several projects scheduled and currently underway, this move sees Collett strengthen our market position. Having worked in the renewable energy industry for many years, the acquisition of this new trailer equipment is a decisive move for Collett, and one which significantly increases our wind turbine carrying capabilities.”
A Collet turbine blade on the road


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