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New Geda free standing hoist

German hoist manufacturer Geda has launched the 1500 Z/ZP F. Based on the well proven, 1500 Z/ZP. The major difference on the new hoist is its free standing ability - hence the ’F’ designation - being able to operate as a material or passenger hoist to free standing heights of up to 12 metres saving time on drilling and filling anchor points.
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The new Geda 1500 Z/ZP F

The hoists free standing steel base plate weighs 1,700kg and fits easily onto the bed of a regular truck, making it easy to transport to site. It can also be rigged with a lifting lug allowing it to be craned into any difficult to reach locations.
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The hoist has also been designed to work as a combined material and passenger hoist and features a 1.45 x 3.3 metre loading platform with a lift capacity of up to 1,300kg or seven people. The transport/passenger platform control has a maximum transport speed of 12 metres a minute. When only materials are being transported the 'materials mode' allows speeds of up to 24 metres a minute.

The hoist uses dual Geda UNI-X-Mast triangular mast sections and in addition to the 12 metre free standing height can be built up to 100 metres when anchored. The rack and pinion drive systems are the same as that used on several Geda rack and pinion hoists with load capacities of between 300 and 2,200kg.
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