Manitou and JCB call a truce

Manitou and JCB have called a truce in their legal battle over patent infringements.

An identical statement issued separately by the two companies said: “Manitou and JCB have decided, by mutual agreement, to put an end to all patent infringement litigation. The disputes initiated from May 2017 concerned three European patents and led to a set of legal proceedings in France, the United Kingdom and Italy.”

“The end of these disputes has no impact on the present and future activity of both parties, nor on the characteristics of the products marketed by each of them.”

You can follow the details of this 'tit-for-tat' legal battle by checking out the most recent report we published on this subject JCB Vs Manitou patent saga continues

Vertikal Comment

It is good to see the end to legal battles that were mostly going to fund lawyer lifestyles than achieve anything really meaningful, apart from adding to company costs. The timing is also interesting in that both companies seem to have now found a common enemy to go after - Chinese manufacturers.

Manitou has instigated the investigation into Chinese aerial lift sales in Europe - which has, it seems placed a couple of unexpected companies under the spotlight. JCB on the other hand is pushing the UK government, where it has considerable influence, to investigate Chinese excavator manufacturers.

Both battles could have implications for equipment buyers.